Our lives are on the line #OurLives

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Republicans are rushing forward with their plan to rip away health insurance from millions. The fight for health care has never been more critical than it is right now.

That’s why we’ve partnered with the folks at Our Lives on the Line to bring bring people together at events across the country on Saturday, July 29, to speak out against their deadly plan.

RSVP for the event in D.C. and get all the details here.

Our lives are on the line, and we need to show we’ll never stop fighting for them.

That’s what July 29 is all about. Americans are coming together from coast to coast to make their voices heard.

In D.C., we’ll be featuring powerful personal stories told by those who will suffer without access to care and bringing together activists, advocates, and celebrities who are all demanding our representatives put our health over politics.

RSVP today, and make sure to bring some friends along. If you can’t make the DC event, you can find (or host) a local event at ourlivesontheline.org. Help us send a strong message on July 29th!

Thanks, see you there!

— The Healthcare Rights Coalition Team

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