Why Healthcare Is A Right

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Our organization is based on a simple idea: that healthcare is a right. We believe it is both a civil and a human right.

Most of us are patients — people who need healthcare on a regular basis. That care is crucial to our participation in society — economically, socially, politically. For that reason, healthcare is our civil right. We need it in order to be full and free members of civil society.

Healthcare is a human right because it is also vital to our lives: we would die without access to appropriate healthcare. Without access to healthcare, our basic rights — life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, etc. — are also sharply limited.

We were very happy when the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act — ACA — made our civil and human rights into legal rights. The ACA guarantees that we have access to healthcare, regardless of how sick we are. The ACA guarantees our healthcare will cover our needs. The ACA guarantees we will not be denied or dropped from coverage, no matter how expensive our needs. The ACA guarantees that we will have access to affordable coverage.

We view the ACA as crucial in protecting the rights of patients. There is more to be done, sure, but the ACA was a good first step. So we view attempts to repeal the ACA as an attack on our rights, even on our lives.

We will resist any attempt to reduce or eliminate our rights.


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